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Thassos island

Limenas is the administrative and commercial center of Thassos. There are many hotels here, restaurants, tourist and other kinds of shops, banks, the customhouse, the police, phone company and post office buildings and the bus station. The town of Thassos also presents a great interest from an archeological point of view, so much for the remaining ruins that were unearthed, as for the rich findings that are exhibited in it’s museum.

Panagia is a classic village with a rich history and, unfortunately, many unknown aspects. It is one of the richest and most important villages in the island. It was built around 300 years ago, yet in the Byzantine era there was a settlement here called “Anastasion”. Panagia is a lively village all year. It’s known for the funfair the cultural club hosts every year. You can find many taverns in the village square. Panagia is famed for it’s spoon sweets: walnut, fig, tomato and zucchini.

A small road off the entrance of the village leads down to the sea, the great beach they call Chrisi Ammos (means golden beach), between the cape of Pirgos and the tip of island Gramvousa.

Potamia is one of the most known small villages of the island. Build on the foothills of the tallest mountain of Thassos, it offers a spectacular verdurous scenery with intense vegetation. The lovers of hitchhiking will find in this village an ideal path, literally stuffed in green, leading up to the mountain and to the conquest of it’s tallest peek, Ypsario. Two to three kilometers from Potamia is Skala Potamia, which is the seashore portion of the village. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and clear waters, it is a place of attraction for tourists every summer.

Potos is known for its large and clean beach and a variety of hotels, restaurants and cafe-bars that are open for entertainment all the night.

Driving the coastal road, leaving behind the steep and greenery cape of Kefala, someone arrives in the small picturesque bay of Tripiti, which is a beautiful beach with very clean sea and fine sand, and then finds the town of Limenaria with the settlement Kalivia which are in a high touristy development. According to the last census the residents of Limenaria are almost the same number as these of Limena, the capital of Thassos.

The village of Maries is one of the oldest ones in Thassos. It is build on a gorge, on a high altitude. From early times there were iron mines operating here, abandoned today and still visible from the gorge on the right of the village.

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